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Lessons Learned in 2013

As December winds down, it’s time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. So what lessons learned in 2013 might guide me into 2014? The biggest one this year is that life itself is a miracle to be embraced every day with gratitude and love. It’s a lesson life has taught me before, […]

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Day 9 – Novena of Peace 2013: The Servant’s Way (Part 2)

The Servant’s Way Isn’t Easy The servant’s way is a challenging paradox; if it were easy, everyone would be following it. St. Francis understood the paradox of the servant’s way. Jesus mastered it. And teachers and prophets from many traditions teach the same paradox contained in the final words of the Prayer of St. Francis:           For […]

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Day 6 – Novena of Peace 2013: Light

Where there is darkness, let me sow light Darkness is threatening. Darkness—whether physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, or social—disturbs and perturbs us, sometimes to our very core. But just like a single candle pierces the darkness of the night, a single person can pierce the darkness in our world. Just look at Malala Yousafzai, the young […]

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Day 5 – Novena of Peace 2013: Hope

Where there is despair, hope Despair is such a dark and lonely place. It can be so emotionally powerful that it blocks out all light, all rational thought to find a way out. Despair may be the most challenging, most arduous element to tackle among all the opportunities to sow God’s peace. Because of its emotional power, […]

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Day 4 – Novena of Peace 2013: Faith

Where there is doubt, faith Existential doubts about whether there is God or whether we’re loveable or capable or worthy cause untold suffering. Since childhood, I’ve been graced with the gift of faith in God. It was faith in myself that was my struggle; not in everything but in enough to give me compassion for […]

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Day 2 – Novena of Peace 2013: Love

Where there is hatred, let me sow love Hatred is such a strong word. We can easily identify hatred out there but rarely do we sense it in here, in our own hearts. Yet hatred doesn’t spring forth whole in its easily identifiable ugly ways. It begins as small frustrations, angers, and resentments that are held, […]

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Novena for Peace 2013: Meditation Questions and Prayers

Every Christmas season since the tragic events of 2001, I have been praying a Novena for Peace and most years I’ve invited others to join me in the belief that a personal and communal commitment to peace will bring it about. While I have not yet seen peace break out throughout the world, I have […]

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What is the Novena of Peace & Why Should I Participate?

A novena is nine days of intentional thought (otherwise known as prayer) focused on a particular thing—in this case peace. Why should you participate? Because perception creates reality. When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look At Change Religious traditions of all sorts have known for centuries that focused thought […]

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Holiday Feeding Frenzy: Is This What Life Is About?

The yearly feeding frenzy of holiday shoppers has begun. While post-Thanksgiving shoppers ventured forth with tasers in hand and hearts full of greed and aggression, my mood turned pensive. Is this really what life is all about? What compels someone to leave their table of blessing to find (and sometimes fight with others to get) more […]

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7 Secrets for Living to 100

Living to 100 is only great if you’re healthy enough to enjoy it. While good genes and a healthy diet help, they’re not the best indicator of who will live well into old age. How we age depends less on our genetics and more on our cultural expectations, according to Mario Martinez, PhD, the creator […]

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