Barbara Mulvey Little is a professional writer, compassionate editor, and published author who understands that

 Words have amazing power.

They inform, educate, inspire, engender hope, heal, make us laugh, make us cry, call us to action, touch our hearts.

Words have the power to make our thoughts into something real that

we can hear, see, and touch.


cartoon of a kissing frogBut hiring a writer or editor can be

akin to finding your Prince Charming.

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

If you’re done kissing frogs, let’s talk about how my professional writing and editing services provide great word craft, on deadline, on budget, no excuses. I can help whether you need quality words written or edited for a book or an article or for web content (using targeted copy that’s informative and has organic SEO keyword optimization, of course).


Writing, Ghost-writing, or Writing Coach

You’re an expert in your field and passionate about what you do . . .

. . . but you may not have the time (or interest) to write that book or e-book, article, or web content you need.
Hiring a professional writer, ghost-writer, or writing coach with a passion for the written word makes the difference between an idea that that gets published and one that stays in your head.


A good editor makes the writer look great because a good editor is the reader’s advocate.

Readers love to read books and articles that are focused, concise, and clear. In other words, readers enjoy well-edited writing. As an editor I provide constructive critiques and compassionate coaching for words you’ve already written. I check structure, organization, flow, grammar, word choice, punctuation, and more to ensure that your written presentation makes you look like the professional you truly are.

Do you need professional writing or editing? A ghost-writer or a writing coach? Someone who can harness the power of words to complete your magnum opus or to market and sell your big idea?

Contact me at barbara”@”angels20″.”com for writing and editing services  and together we can tell your story with informative, inspiring, healing words.


Hard writing makes easy reading. Easy writing makes hard reading.

William Zinsser