Day 4 Faith: Novena of Peace 2014

Faith is the belief in things unseen. In Opening Hearts Dr. Sauvage shares that his faith was passed on to him as a child by his mother but deepened and made his own through his observations and scientific study of the universe and the human body. In the complexity and miraculous nature of both, Lester Sauvage saw God. To him, it would take more faith to ascribe such wonders to chance than to a Creator.

The following quote by Jean-Baptist-Henri Dominique Lacordaire opens Chapter Three: Improbable, Impossible, Yet Here We Are: β€œThe universe shows us the life of God; or rather it is in itself the life of God. We behold in it his permanent action, the scene upon which his power is exercised, and in which all his attributes are reflected. God is not out of the universe any more than the universe is out of God. God is the principle; the universe is the consequence, but a necessary consequence, without which the principle would be inert, unfruitful, impossible to conceive.”woman and child in row boat

What do you place your faith in?

How does that choice affect your life?

Novena Prayers

Day 4 (2013)



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