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Heresy: The Guardian of Truth

I first posted this on October 2, 2013. It seems relevant again. The first reaction to truth is hatred – Tertullian One of the most difficult things in life is to stand up for truth as you know it. Nothing will bring down public scorn as readily as believing something that is different from what the […]

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Abraham Lincoln

2017 Peace Novena Day 9: Wisdom from Abraham Lincoln

2017 Peace Novena Day 9 Let us pray for our nation, ourselves, and for our new leaders taking office today. May we practice compassionate listening, merciful justice, and a true embrace of unity of purpose. Divided We Fall Today we inaugurate the 45th President of the United States. And so let us pray for him […]

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2017 Peace Novena Day 8: Listening with Discernment vs Judgment

Day 8: Discernment Versus Judgment On this second-to-last day of prayer, I pray that we – and all our elected officials – can begin to listen to one another with discernment and hope; and that bitterness is overwhelmed by compassion.   Listening with discernment rather than judgment is one of the greatest gifts we can give […]

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Peace dove at sunset

2017 Peace Novena Day 3: Make Me An Instrument of Peace

Entering day 3 of the 2017 Peace Novena, I pray that we all embrace our personal power to become instruments of peace in our troubled world. (If you don’t have time for prayer AND reading this post, please choose prayer. Novena rituals and prayer) Make me an instrument of peace The prayer commonly known as the Prayer […]

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Peace Novena 2017 Day 2: Character in the midst of suffering

As we enter day 2 of the 2017 Peace Novena, I pray that we all find ways to be kind and to listen with an open heart. (If you don’t have time for prayer and reading this post, choose prayer. Novena rituals and prayer) Suffering Is a Choice Many people are real pain as a […]

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little girls walking holding hands

Peace Novena 2017 Day 1: Wisely Selfish Selflessness

Day 1 Reflection: Compassion Compassion is a good place to begin nine days of prayer for peace, especially in what I consider a toxic environment of constant negativity and judgment. The “correctness police” who troll the Internet and social media have an opinion about EVERYTHING and often that opinion lacks any hint of compassion. Below […]

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Invitation & Preparation for the 2017 Novena for Peace

Like most Americans, I’m grateful that the 2016 political cycle is over. What isn’t over is the anger, angst, and division that marked it. Yet I know that we collectively possess the power to change this discomforting and destructive reality. Compassion, true understanding, and peace are possible. This is not a naïve Pollyanna dream (as I’ve sometimes been […]

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Becoming an Architect of Change

After another enjoyable time on the Architect of Change radio show, Connie Whitman asked me to share Dr. Sauvage’s 4-Step Spiritual Action Plan and a version of St. Ignatius Examen. Both can help with the spiritual discipline needed to be an architect of change for yourself and the world. During the show (which I will post […]

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Mercy as Responsibility

Mercy flows from response-ability; the ability to respond. This story illustrates how we are intrinsically hardwired to respond to each other: Once there was an elderly couple who delighted in the little boy who lived across the street. They loved his daily visits to play on the tire swing they had put up for their […]

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Cultivating Peace through Mercy

Today on the first day of our Novena of Peace, Pope Francis invites us to “become islands of mercy in the midst of the sea of indifference!” Seeing the Sacred in all things will be the Spark that lights our way. Seeing with Merciful Eyes Changes Everything Our world is infected with religious fundamentalists who […]

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