165424108Writing and editing rates below (based on rates compiled by the Editorial Freelancers Association) provide an idea of what a project will cost. For a more accurate estimate, I request that potential clients send a writing sample from the work to be edited. From that, I will provide a more precise project estimate and a sample edit.

Rates—whether calculated with a flat project fee or hourly rate—tend to fall within the ranges listed below. These rates should be used only as a rough guide since each project varies considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame given for the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, research required, and many other factors.

The industry standard for a manuscript page is 250 words per page.  Abbreviations: ms = manuscript, pgs = pages, hr = hour, wd = word


Basic copy editing: $60 per hour (5 – 10 ms pgs/hr)

  • checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage
  • checking for consistency in format, word choice, and syntax
  • commenting on glaring issues concerning clarity or readability
  • basic fact checking
  • querying the author regarding inconsistencies

100891012Developmental editing: $75 per hour (1 – 5 ms pgs/hr)

  • all of the above plus analyzing and solving structural problems with themes or content
  • analysis and suggestions regarding organization, clarity, accuracy, and flow
  • rewriting (or suggesting rewrites) or reordering text to improve readability and flow
  • analysis and suggestions to correct inconsistencies in style, format, pacing,  tone, voice, themes, and presentation for non-fiction
  • analysis of character development and plot in fiction

Coaching: $100 per hour

  • all of the above plus guidance specific to you to develop more precise, concise, and effective writing skills for your current project and beyond
  • positive, constructive feedback that draws out hidden writing talents and increases your writing confidence
  • creating a plan to prepare your work for publication

Manuscript review and critique: flat fee of $150 plus $5 per 1,000 words

  • provide a thorough review and critique of a finished manuscript with chapter-by-chapter analysis of the overall narrative structure

The manuscript review is not an edit; it is a report that provides information about what is (or is not) working for key elements such as plot, dialogue, and characters. The critique also offers specific suggestions that could strengthen or improve the work.


WRITING: general pace of 1-3 ms pgs/hr  (with research provided)

Antique typewriterNonfiction/Journalism    $60-75/hr       (75¢-$1.50/wd)

Ghostwriting                  $75-100/hr       ($1+/wd)

Technical/trade             $75-125/hr       (75¢-$1+/wd)

Medical                         $75-125/hr       (95¢-$1+/wd)

Business/marketing        $75-100/hr        (75¢-$2/wd)

Press releases                $125 per page (flat rate: not an hourly fee)

Research                          $65-75/hr