FAQs – Writing

Frequently Asked Questions: Writing

What is your specialty?

I have a special interest in writing content that is focused on the following topics: health and wellness, mind-body connections, natural and body-mind medicine, communication skills, social justice, spirituality, travel, and real estate and home building.

As a writer I have many years of professional experience in business writing creating marketing materials, newsletters, press releases, website content, profiles, and the like. I further honed my craft writing for newspapers and magazines. I also have experience ghost-writing for professionals (doctors and dentist particularly) who need books, newsletter content, and articles.

I believe learning is a life-long imperative and continue to seek learning opportunities. I regularly attend writing conferences, workshops, and continuing education writing classes. In 2011 I earned an editing certificate from the University of Washington and in 2013 earned my certification in SEO copywriting from Successworks (the only industry approved program) to continue to keep up with the marketplace’s changing needs.

How much will you charge?

That depends on what you need. My writing and editing rates are calculated by the project’s scope. Initial conversations are free so call or email with your needs. Also, the Editorial Freelancers Association has put together a chart of standard rates as well as expected length of time to complete a project. While each project is unique, these standards can give you a ballpark figure.

Can you help manage my website content?

I’d be happy to take a look at your website content needs. I can consult with you about whether your site has the kind of content that meets your particular goals and tell you if it could use a tweak here and there or a complete content overhaul. As an added bonus, I have managed many Word-Press sites and I am very comfortable on the back end with them.

What is your background?

I’ve worked in broadcast media, as well as marketing and public relations for non-profit organizations, and had years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. I’ve been a freelance writer and editor for about twenty years. You can read more on the About page.

If you have more questions, send an email with your project requirements or a phone number to call so we can talk it through. Email me at: Barbara at Angels20 dot com. I’d be happy to help you understand the process of hiring a writer/editor or discuss what you need.