Day 5 Hope: Novena of Peace 2014

What an interesting coincidence that hope is the topic for today, the first day of the new year. Every January first, a new seed of hope germinates within us. Will we, in this coming year, create or sustain the life we dream about? Can we become all that we sense is our destiny?

rainbowHope is such an elemental ingredient in life that to take it away from someone is one of the cruelest things imaginable.

Hope-filled ideas about ourselves and our lives are fed or starved by the actions we choose not just on the first day of January but on every succeeding day that follows. My Catholic school training taught me that the three things that last are faith, hope, and love. The older I get the more I see how they are intertwined. With those three elements we can become whole.

For hope to grow it must be nurtured as it begins first as an idea or a thought in the mind. The quote that introduces Chapter Six: Nurturing the Mind in Opening Hearts comes from author Frances Moore Lappe who said, “…Our ideas about reality determine what we see, what we believe is possible, and therefore what we become.”

So today on this first day of 2015, what thoughts and ideas will fill your mind?

What will you believe is possible?

What will you become in the coming year?

Novena Prayers

Day 5 (2013)


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