Day 7 – Novena of Peace 2013: Joy

Where there is sadness, let me sow joy

We cannot, nor should we, deny that sadness exists in the world. In any life, sadness will come to visit. But life itself is such a miraculous gift that even in distressing or dire circumstance, joy is possible. Sometimes, though, we need someone to remind us. Other times we need to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have instead of sad for what is missing because it’s next to impossible to be truly grateful without joy coming along for the ride.

Joy is the creative force that propels us forward. And it is a choice.

I learned this lesson when I was so sad after moving from one city to another. I missed my house, my friends, my routines, everything familiar and comfortable to me. I was miserable and cried often. Finally my husband said, “You have to find something you can like here.” I thought about it and said, “The bunnies.” “What?” he asked. “I like the bunnies,” I said. We had a family of little rabbits that scampered about the property we rented and I thought they were cute.Wild Rabbit in the English countryside

Those little bunnies became a symbol reminding me that I had a choice to recognize what was good in my new life or remain in my misery. I finally chose joy. Every time I saw a bunny I smiled. And every time I smiled, joy deepened.

My husband’s wake up call enabled me to sow joy.

Where, when, and how will you sow joy today for yourself or someone else?

Today’s musical version of the Prayer of St. Francis is a joyful, jazzy, Latin instrumental version performed by JoJo Jose. It’s fun.

Novena prayers and reflection questions.


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