Mastering the Balance

Mastering the balance between accepting life as it is and realizing that our thoughts create our reality is a life-long endeavor. Many modern-day gurus and life coaches of all stripes are quick to tell us that everything we experience we create. I’m not disputing that the essence of what they say is true, but I believe life is more complex than that. To expect to have the power to manifest everything that happens in the web of life that becomes real around us will make us either arrogant or drench us in self-loathing and guilt, or both.

Some events just are. People we love get sick or die. They lose businesses or jobs because of the economy – not their performance. They get into awful situations because of choices they make. Or they get in awful situations for being at the wrong place at the wrong time (think tragedies great and small that victimize so many). And then there are the times Mother Nature wallops some people and whole communities with her awesome power. The best we can do in such situations is find whatever strength they bring out in us—or those around us—as we seek the grace, lessons, and sometimes even blessings in them.

Growing Out of the Brokenness

What we can manifest is our own best selves. So many things in our lives aren’t much more than potential; a whole host of possibilities. And how we think about them materializes one possibility out of all that potential that exists. At such times, how we think is EVERYTHING. If we expect goodness, awesomeness, love, success, and beauty, and focus our thoughts on those possibilities then that is what we’ll manifest. If we expect more pain, failure, disappointment, loss, and rejection, and our thoughts dance with a host of What-ifs fueled by fear, then we will manifest exactly what we focus our thoughts upon.

The more our thoughts develop from our love, the more likely we create the outcome we desire. This is true whether we’re in control of the circumstances or not. How we think our thoughts is a habit. And it is also a choice day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

Loving thoughts leave little room for fear-filled thoughts. So today, as much as possible, focus your thoughts on love. Change what you can and look for the love in what you can’t.


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