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Would You Trade 10 Minutes of Your Time for Peace?

Over a decade ago, sparked by my distress over the United States starting two wars in the Middle East, I began inviting friends and family to pray with me a Novena for Peace during the holiday season. Some might—and some have—called this a naïve gesture that won’t make a difference. Given the social unrest at […]

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What to Do When A Friend is Grieving

  The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing. . . not healing, not curing. . . that is a friend who cares.” ~ Henri Nouwen A number of years ago, I […]

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Body Language & Power: How Mimicking Power Postures Makes You Powerful

Can you fake it ‘til you make it? According to Amy Cuddy, not only can you fake it ‘til you make it, you can fake it until you BELIEVE it and BECOME it. Our ability to communicate non-verbally with ourselves is so powerful that it can it can change our thoughts, our physiology, and even our […]

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