Create Great Web Content by Building a Buyer Profile

Every good writer writes with an audience in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing in a business setting creating emails, press releases, sales letters, newsletters and text messages, or if you’re writing for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or book, a good writer writes with a specific audience in mind.

Target audience
So, who is your audience you ask? Send me an email (see below)  and I’ll send you a PDF that provides a questionnaire to take you a step-by-step through the process of creating a “buyer (or reader) profile”to help you figure out not only who constitutes your target audience but also what they want or need.

Once you determine who your buyers/readers are (your target audience) and what problem they need to solve, then decide what you want them to believe about your organization and/or your product, or service (your goal).  With all that information in hand, you’re ready to write great web content that gets results and engages your audience. And when website content is simplified to engage and solve, sold is not far behind.

Content is King
Realistically, great content is only one part of your overall marketing strategy, but without it no one will know that you, or your product or service, exist. Great web content is your foot in the door, your digital business card, your first step in what will become a longstanding partnership between you and your new client.

Building a buyer profile takes time and effort, but it is time and effort well spent that is sure to get results.

Email me at and I’ll send you the step-by-step process to create your buyer profile.

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